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Sub-summary field listed only once per printed page

Gabriel G

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Hello again,

I am trying to have a sub-summary field repeat only once per page. I have made several different attempts now, and I have ran out of ideas.

The field is related to another group of fields. When it spans across pages, it would be nice to relist it. When the field prints every occurrence on the same page, it becomes crowded.

I found two threads asking a similar question, but the answers are not very clear to me. It seems like this should be an easy thing to do, but I am out of ideas.

1) http://fmforums.com/topic/55560-repeat-sub-summary-field-new-page

2) http://fmforums.com/topic/85965-sub-summary-report-records-starting-on-new-page

I also tried making an OnRecordLoad script that populates a field based on the records position in a page, but then it doesn't work while in preview mode. I'm not sure how else to make this work either.

I've also tried the different settings for the part definitions with no luck. Has anyone else done this before that would share their technique? Or if anyone has any other suggestions?

So, here is what I'm working with...

Layout Parts:

   Header -- <<State::Name>>

   Sub-summary by State -- empty

   Sub-summary by Company -- <<Company::Name>>

   Body -- address details



   |Company| -< |Address| >- |Join| -< |Contact|

Sample Output:

--- PAGE 1 ---

State B

   Company A

      Address 221
      Address 222

   Company B

      Address 231

   Company C

      Address 241
      Address 242

--- PAGE 2 ---

State B

   Company C           <-- Ideal result
      Address 243
      Address 244

   Company D

      Address 251

      Address 252

   Company E
      Address 261

--- END OF PAGE ---

Thanks, GG

Edited by Gabriel G
further output example correction
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Yea I tried moving the <<Company::Name>> field between the Body and it's Sub-summary part, but I didn't think to try it in the Header part with the <<State::Name>>.

And just because I had to reference it, I used the following Hide Object When:

GetNthRecord ( Address::fDealerID; Get ( RecordNumber) - 1 ) != Address::fDealerID or
GetNthRecord ( Address::State; Get ( RecordNumber) - 1 ) != Address::State

Thanks again comment!

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This topic is 2947 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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