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Backup schedule not deleting older backups

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Hi - my backup schedule is acting odd. The log says the schedule has aborted as the destination is "not writable" and some files may be left at the destination.

A look at the folders seems to show them being written but they are not deleting after the nominated number. The status in the schedule window also says permission denied.

I am using a custom backup folder but to test, I swapped it back to the default folder with the same issue. Any help much appreciated - thanks

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The deletion and the "not writable" are linked: it means that for some reason the permissions on the backup folder are such that FMS has no rights to it anymore, so it can not properly create backups nor delete them.

Do a permissions repair on the machine (after you shut down FMS).  Then on both the normal backup location and the custom one, make sure that ownership is set to user "fmsadmin" of group "fmserver".  Use the command line for that (chown) so that you can make sure those privileges propogate down to each subfolder.  Or use the tools "BatchMod" if you don't like the command line.

Make absolutely sure that nothing is touching those backup folders at the times of the backups (exclude them from spotlight, no AV, no external backup programs,...)


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This topic is 2942 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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