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Popover from Portal showing the wrong record

Brad Mathews

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I think I have a relationship problem here even though the problem appears to be with the Portal or Popover.

As you can see from Screenshot1, the popover is showing the data for the wrong record. Interestingly, clicking the Go to Full Record button which calls Go To Related Record does go to the correct record as indicated in the Portal.

This is also happening with the Siblings Portal, see Screenshot2. However, the Go to Full Record button on siblings portal behaving differently - it is going to the record showing in the popover which is the same record being display. So it goes nowhere of course.

The Relations screenshot shows the relevant relationships as well as the more complicated one I am using to get the siblings.

On the Parents layout I am doing the same thing - showing Students via the Parents_Students and Related Parents and the popovers are working fine.

Let me know if you need more data.

- Brad




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I double checked and the popover button is within the portal.

I am not sure what you meant by "Show that that table in Layout". I added a screenshot of my layout mode, which shows all of the tables involved, in case that is what you needed. Let me know if it was something else you needed or if you were giving a suggestion.

Now I'm off to install and play with my copy of 14 Advanced which just arrived!



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I found out what I was doing wrong.

I was basing the popover on Related_Parents rather than Parents which is the wrong relation to use in that portal. I think I got it wrong because it was the correct relation in a different portal that I copy and pasted from. Since they are both based on the Parents table and showing parent data in the fields I did not notice the error. The GTRR buttons were still working of course because they were based on Parents.

I do not understand the basis of the weird side effect of using the wrong relation - but if I obsessed over every weird side effect in computers I would be in the loony bin.

- Brad

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Hi Brad,

Could you give me a hint where the breakdown is? I moved around the Student table, and the Popovers seem ok, and the related records for the family seem to be woking?

In other words, walk me through what you are seeing.


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This topic is 2275 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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