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MAC FMS10 ODBC fuctionality

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I have an application with a FMS10 server under Tiger, multiple FM9/10 clients, & a remote MySQL/PHP/Ajax/Apache webserver.

We need Filemaker 9 to make reports based on data from both FMS and MySQL tables. The FM programmer we use proposes to put an ODBC driver on one of the client machines, have it interrogate the MySQL server, and then build the reports only on that machine.

I am wondering if it is possible to have FMS-10 instead do the connection to the MySQL, so that any client could read the data & create reports. But I'm clueless as to what server ODBC support really means.



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"Server ODBC support" means that FMS can act as a data host so that data clients can retrieve filemaker data through ODBC and JDBC. You're talking about making the server a data client with MySQL being the data host.

Look into the ESS feature of FileMaker Pro and Server. That supports making a connection to MySQL (from the server) so that all FM Pro clients can see the MySQL data.


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