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Container Field label Lookup

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Can anyone please advise on my following issue.

I have a FM12 file with Container Fields that contain small jpegs, I want to have a text field that shows the title of the image inserted BUT without the .jpg at the end?


To explain, If i drag an image named "picture1" and place it in a <<container_name>>

the result is <<picture1.jpg>> how do i prevent the .jpg displaying? I just want <<picture1>>


Many thanks

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Undoubtedly there's a more elegant way, but this would probably do it:


Substitute( Substitute ( container_name ; ".jpg" ; "" ) ; ".JPG" ; "")

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Thanks for the reply Matthew but i can't get that to work?

To display the name i am simply creating a text field <<containername e.g. A1>> resulting in <<picture123.jpg>>

I want it to be <<picture123>>


Thanks again

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OK.  I'm not sure that the '<<' and '>>' means in your question.  I'm assuming that your are not talking about merge fields which use those kinds of brackets to insert variables in a line of text on a layout.  Correct me if I'm wrong.


Substitute( Substitute ( container_name ; ".jpg" ; "" ) ; ".JPG" ; "")


The calculation above can be used in several different ways to get you the output you want.  One way would be to use it in the definition of a new calculated field that strips the '.jpg' off of the contents of container_name.  You could also use it in a script that strips the .'jpg' off of your text field and replaces it with the new value.  This script could be initiated by the user with  a button on your layout or, more automatically, by attaching it to a script trigger ('On Save') on the container_name field.   


The way you implement it will depend on how you would like your solution to behave.  Am I making sense?  


P.S.  When you specify the calculation to a script or to a field definition, I'd suggest using the built-in tools for picking field names and commands.  That way you won't forget to add in the table name for related fields  (e.g. Related Table::container_name).  Also you will make fewer syntax mistakes in the commands themselves (or inherit my mistakes). 

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HI Matthew, Thank You!!..

Your explanation worked perfectly 

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