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Greetings - I got my start with CWP using FMwebstudio as the front end library to the FileMaker API (Dreamweaver).  That library is no longer maintained.  

One of  very cool things about that library was a dynamic field capability, fmsLiveInputField, where the changes you made in a web page were updated into the database in real time.  I used it for event registration where the total attending and fees due automatically updated.  

I'd like to replicate this functionality ... display the total due, a show a few other live calculations.  I prefer a PHP solution but realize javascript might be a better approach these days.  I'm not a javascript guru so your help pointing me in the right direction would be helpful. And I do not want to use WebDirect due to the public pacing nature of this site and unpredictability in users active. 


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I miss the forum, although I never actually used the product...

Anyway, yes - there is not a pure PHP solution to this, but you can make JavaScript calls on the fly within the webpage, or to refresh a certain div in the webpage to reload data from the server.

Unfortunately I last coded something along those lines about 5 years ago, and that machine has been grave yarded - I'll see if I can find anything in my backups

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Thanks Webko - I do remember many of you contributions back when ...

I'm going to start with this page.  I think it, and a few links from there, will teach me what I need to know.  

I like the idea of refreshing divs, too.  Will seek that out as well.

p.s. Loved visiting Australia a few years ago!

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This topic is 2807 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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