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File Access Protection & Encryption


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I have a solution that is hosted by FMS14 and remotely accessed by my client.  My development files have file access protection enabled, and I have authorized the opener file to open the UI file, but they do not have encryption-at-rest (EAR) enabled.  Prior to uploading the files to server, I add EAR protection.  I am confused because after the encrypted files are uploaded and I go to open them with the opener file (that I thought was authorized), I get the error message that the opener file is not authorized and I am required to input my full access credentials.  I am willing to do this, but it means that every time I update the files, I have to re-send my client the opener file that has been authorized for the updated files, and they have to download and replace their opener file for all users and I would like to eliminate this hassle for them.

Is there a way to allow the opener file to remain authorized when uploading updated files?  Do I need to add authorization for the opener file while the UI and data files have EAR enabled? 

Thank you for your guidance!

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Thank you for your response Steven. 

Would a simple copy & paste of the file affect the file access protection (FAP)?  I am using copies of the UI and data files (made with copy & paste), but not of the opener file.  I didn't think copy & paste would affect FAP since when I try to add authorization for the opener file again, it says the opener file is already authorized.

Below is what I tried with the snapshot link suggestion:

 - I logged in to the file using my full access account & created a snapshot link.

 - I closed the program and tried opening the program again with the snapshot link and got the error message below:

"Cannot restore the snapshot link file "open UI_File.fmpsl"  Make sure that the status toolbar is accessible in at least one window of the referenced database."

I do have the status toolbar enabled in my full access account, but not in the other accounts. 

I plan to do a file upgrade soon and can test how the snapshot link behaves with newly uploaded files.

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This topic is 2750 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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