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Disable data change on field value

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I've a solution with FilemakerGo where the users insert data. When all data is inserted, the user clicks a button which sets the field "lockRecord" to "Y" and from now on, changes should be avoided. I tried the following solution, that I inserted a rectangle control on top over all fields, and set the "Hide object if" to lockRecord unequal to "Y". This works fine as long as the rectangle control has a background-color. But in this case, I can't see the underlaying fields anymore ;-) When I set the background-color to transparent, I can see all fields with values, but changing of the field values is still possible ;-(

How can I do this? 

Thanks, Hans

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Hi Hans

One technique is to have each field in your layout twice, one of which has the 'Allow data entry in browse mode' turned on, and the other turned off. Then you just show and hide these two fields appropriately based on your lockRecord flag.

Alternatively you could have two layouts and when your user changes record, use a layout ScriptTrigger (OnRecordLoad) to switch to an 'editable' or 'non-editable' layout appropriately.

I know of no more elegant ways to achieve this, but someone on the forum may have something!

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Thanks for all replies. Now I created a custom privilege set where I changed the Edit and Delete capabliities to ‘Limited’ and set the formula to IsEmpty(lockRecord) OR lockRecord unequal to "Y".

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