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Passing primissions between databses?

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mcsebot    0

I suspect this has been answered before but my searches aren't finding what I need.

I have two databases and I'm linking fields from DB2 to the interface in DB1. I have external authentication going. When user connects to DB1 their asked for authentication for DB2. I don't what them to have access to DB2 and I don't want them to see DB2 as would happen if I were to even give them read only.

I've setup the External Data Source between the two FileMaker databases. What might I be missing? I should be able to display data from other databases without giving the user read access to all the databases. 
I hope you understand what I'm trying to say and thank you for any help.

Where's my Boot-Camp,

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Wim Decorte    455

Sounds like you did not configure DB2 for external authentication like you have DB1.  If DB1 uses any kind of data from DB2 then it must allow authentication for the same user.

Note that authentication is not the same as authorization.  With authentication you're just establishing WHO someone is.  With authorization you establish WHAT they can do in your database.

You absolutely must authorize the user to DB2 but you can control what they can see and do.

When you say "I don't want them to see DB2", do you mean in the "open remote" dialog?  That's easily fixed and has nothing to do with authorization or authentication.  Just set the file up to be not visible.

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mcsebot    0

Thank you for the quick reply. I do have some users that need to see DB2 and will be working in it directly. On the server I have "List only the databases each user is authorized to access checked.
If I Authorize each user for read only in DB2 so they can see the contents in DB1 they're all going to see DB2 in the Launch Center.

Is there a way I can provide Authorization at the DB level?  

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Wim Decorte    455

Authorization is always set at the db level; not sure what specifically you have in mind?

One way to solve the database visibility: set all files to be not visible in their sharing properties.  Then give users a launcher file that opens the main file they work in.

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mcsebot    0

I'm not explaining this correctly and I don't know how to. Thank you for your feedback. If I happen to figure out a better explanation I'll post it.

Happy Holidays...

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