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Joost Miltenburg

Moving pictures folder for use with CWP

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We are running FMserver with custom webpublishing. People can connect to the website and see pictures that are attached to propositions.

The pictures folder is located on the FMServer as well and getting pretty big now. So we are complating moving the folder ( it is currently located in htdocs ( running on a Mac )).

How do we reconfigure FMServer/apache to do this?

Kind regards....

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 I don't believe that there is anything to do on FMS or Apache itself.  But in php, provide the full LOCAL path to the new pictures folder location.  In this example, I'm setting up a DEFINE in the config file to the pictures folder relocated to an external hard drive:

define('PICTURES', '/Volumes/Your_External_Hard_Drive_Name/pictures/');

You might need to experiment with the permissions on the pictures folder and/or the hard drive so that fmserver/apache/php can access. 

BTW...This answer is assuming that you are storing the images directly in a folder and using html/php to retrieve them, versus storing and retrieving them from a FileMaker container.

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