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Extract values from calculated list

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Greets, all:

I'm using this calculation--in a parent table in a field temporarily named 'Temp'--to grab course numbers from the course_number field in a related/child table:

UniqueValues ( List ( ASSIGNMENT_COURSE::Course_Number__lxt ) )

(I'm using this calc because the child table contains multiple records with the same course number; it's not a key field.)

My intent is to use six buttons--in the parent table--where each button would grab an assigned row's value using the calculation above. For example, say that the above calc has this result:







I want Button 1 to grab AST-100; Button 2 to grab EDU-100; Button 3 to grab EDU-300, etc.

Mind you, I can't make a value list out of Temp because it can't be indexed.

TIA for your help! 


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I am not aware of any method that would create layout objects such as buttons dynamically. The most you can do is pre-create as many buttons as you could possibly need, and hide the unused ones. If you use a button bar, you can use calculated labels as well as hide the surplus segments. 

Another option is to place the buttons in a portal. A portal can be de-duped - and if you have a TO of Courses behind ASSIGNMENT_COURSE, then you can make the portal show the records from there and have it show a row for each unique course only without any additional effort .

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"(I'm using this calc because the child table contains multiple records with the same course number; it's not a key field.)"

Why aren't you using keys?

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You could use a Button Bar with 6 Segments that calc their button segment labels using…

GetValue ( SampleData::Text_Field ; Index/LineNumber )


…and “Hide (Segment) object when” 

IsEmpty ( GetValue ( SampleData::Text_Field ; Index/LineNumber ) )


Then add a parameter (1-6) to each segment…that you read into your script using Get ( ScriptParameter ).

Use the GetValue function to map back to the course code

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