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Having issues getting attachments to Mail to work

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to get attaching files go mails generated using FM17 to work. The idea is to attach a variable file to a mail-message generated for a specific record. The filename for the attachment is specific to the record and I've got a field that generates that filename (fileNamejpg01).

I'm using the send mail option in a script (which is working) and the option to attach a file by giving a file path. That file path looks like this:

The variable part is "$fileNamejpg01" and I'm sure I'm doing something really dumb ... but don't find anything that solves the problem (or that I at least understand).

Hope someone can help!

Thanks, Peter

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The file path window and what you feed it is not a calculation window so you have to calc the path ahead of time and feed it the resulting variable

Set Variable[ $path ; Get(DesktopPath) & "werkmap/Beeldmateriaal/instagram/" & $fileNamejpg01 ]

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18 hours ago, Wim Decorte said:

The file path window and what you feed it is not a calculation window so you have to calc the path ahead of time and feed it the resulting variable

Set Variable[ $path ; Get(DesktopPath) & "werkmap/Beeldmateriaal/instagram/" & $fileNamejpg01 ]

I'm staring blindly at a screen now after trying again ... I'll give it a rest until tomorrow and I'll let you know if I've gotten it to work Wim!

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I'm lost ...

I've added two screenshots of what I have now but I can't get it to work. Been trying different options of all I could think of but not getting anywhere. 

Hope you can make sense of it Wim. It's probably something really dumb I've done but it would help a lot if I get to understand it and get it to work!




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No, that last window is not a calculation dialog.  The only thing you should have there is:



The $path variable needs to be set in your script before you get to the Send Mail script step

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Thanks for you patience Wim!

I got it to work and cleaned up my folder structure a bit to make the whole think a bit more clean and simpel while I was at it. It makes the path-calculation a lot easier.

For future reference if people are looking for a similar solution I've included the screenshots of my results:
1. The window that will send the mail
2. The window that calculates the path to the image file
3. The entire script to get it working!





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On 5/11/2020 at 7:08 PM, Wim Decorte said:

The file path window and what you feed it is not a calculation window

True, but it's worth noting that it is possible to enter a path as a mixture of literal text and variables. For example, after setting these variables:

Set Variable[ $workFolder ; Get(DesktopPath) & "werkmap" ]
Set Variable[ $filename ; YourTable::SomeField & ".jpg"

you could enter:


as a valid path into the Specify File window.


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