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Purchasing FileMaker Pro...?


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Under Mojave, my version of Filemaker was funky but more or less functional. My recent upgrade to Catalina put a stake thru its heart.

I came here after and hour of reading endless sales pitches on the website, 20 minutes waiting on the phone for sales and another 20 in the chat jail with CalrisBot, also awaiting someone with a heartbeat.

I'm sold, I want the product but I'm getting a bad feeling.

I was an advanced user in the past with Filemaker Pro 11 but my work took me away from database paying work and although my work is now more involved with research and activisim, I'd like to bring Filemaker back into my toolbox.

Can you purchase FileMaker or is it only a subscription now?

Sadly, if it is subcription only, I'm out. I'll need to find an alternative.

Thanks for any guidance.

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Thank you both so much, I would have never found and didn't find this offer.

Having worked for marketing and advertising people in the past I still do not claim to understand the inner machinery of their consumer contemplations.

Buy one, give another for free?

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On 10/22/2020 at 12:57 AM, comment said:

The difference between this:


is embarrassing, to say the least. And I see no mention of a store anywhere on the main site.


Why is it embarrassing? They are two very different things. At the very least, it's a one-time purchase vs a monthly subscription.

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Will a single license/serial work on various computers on a local LAN? (question is if it is technically possible, not if you should). I tried it on a single Mac, and a second Windows version on that same Mac via Parallel's Desktop. They have different IP's, can share a database and work with the same serial number. Do not have more computers to test...

Pricing is too high, it used to be $299 and found that high. My solution is for an office with 4 computers that will never use the Layout part of the database, they only enter and edit data. I would be the only one making the database. I mentioned this before, why isn't there a VIEWER version of FileMaker?

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a single user license will not allow you to share (peer to peer) to another computer VM on the same network using the same license number. The subsequent user will get a notice that the serial number is in use.

$900 annually is the minimum for 5 users (less if your EDU or NonProfit) 


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Informing that I am not getting a message of a duplicate serial when using on a Mac, and simultaneously on a Windows 10 virtual machine. The Mac and VM have different IP's and sharing a database on the same LAN. Maybe it's because of the VM? Don't know if the serial checks an IP or a hardware ID... Going of topic here.

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This topic is 945 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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