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We have a Mac OSX Server (Panther) running Filemaker server and another running the client with the Web Companion Plugin. We are a school and the purpose of this is so parents of the students can check attendance, missed work, and etc. We are using cdml of course to move some variables from the web to filemaker. In the database that is currently open, every student has an entry and a code which they use as their password. This code is essentially their identifier on the database. On the web side of this operation, then enter their code to find their records then if it finds records for the student code, another password is requested of the user with no user name, to authenticate with Filemaker. This second password does not really need to be entered in by the user, since everyone knows it. I am trying to pass the password using the line <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-password" VALUE="password"> but that doesn't remove the second login requirement. I am trying to remove this second login because the process is convoluted and parents are not using the system because this confusion. Any input would be appreciated. Feel free to ask me any questions, since I know I haven't given a great deal on the entire setup. TY.

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This topic is 7157 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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