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FM 6 Under Mac OS 10.3.4 will not start up

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I recently had to reinstall OSX due to getting hit by the one and only Mac virus last week before the 10.3.4 fix came out. I found afterwards that FMP 6 on the OSX side would flash up its intro screen and then quit. It still works fine under Classic. I reinstalled but same fault. I'm running FM 7 for my own work but have to develop client work under .fp5

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix? [color:"black"]

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Hi, graphdata! Actually, Mac OS X benefits greatly from being UNIX-based, but one of the drawbacks I've encountered is problems with permissions. Every file (visible or not) is owned by a user and sometimes it's hard to tell what is owned by who and what the permission settings need to be. A possible quick fix might be for you to log in as an administrator and change the permissions of the entire FileMaker application folder to be owned by you and apply those settings to all enclosed folders. If you're OK w/the UNIX command line, I'd do it from there where you can use SUDO (I think "chown", but type "man chown" to find out more)... if you'd rather avoid the command line, you can try doing it from the GET INFO box (try first as you, then if nothing.. try as root).

It's probably just easier to re-install FileMaker Pro, though.

It could be other things, too... but that's what I'd recommend looking into.


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This topic is 6427 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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