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Adding to repeating fields with diff. repetitions

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Okay here's my problem:

I have two related databases. One (DB A) contains a mailing list (addresses, names, etc), the second (DB : is a list of mailings (mailing type, date, number of pieces, description, etc). They are related, and matched by a serial number field in the mailings database (each mailing gets its own serial number), which is related to a repeating field in DB A (called Mailing ID Nos). Mailings do not necessarily go to each record in DB A.

I am trying to write a script, that after I do a mailing, will add the serial number of that mailing, to the last repetition of the Mailing Serial Nos Field, which depending on the record may be repetition 1, 2, 3, etc, as this database is constantly having new records added.

Since this is a new addition to this database, if there is an easier way to set this up, I'd love to hear it.



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Gee, it sounds like you actually might want to accomplish this with a join file rather than repeating fields. Join files, which can be as simple as two fields, facilitate many-many relationships: each join file says something like: PersonA (or mailing address A) got mailing1.

You could display the join file records in a portal that looks almost identical to your repeating field in the current system. The advantage, though, is that adding a new portal record doesn't require finding out how many mailings have already gone to that address.

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If you haven't done a join file before: notice that your join file record can (in FM5-6) include calc fields to "pull" data across to the portals at each end, like a bridge. (In FM7 it's unnecessary; relationships string together automatically.)

So, suppose each mailing address or recipient has an ID (which is probably necessary, since a household can change address, and you still need to track mailings to those *people*, right?) and each bulk mailing has an ID or serial number (which you already mention).

You could set up the join file to have the two key fields needed for the relations, plus also a calc field for the *name* (or other more recognizable field than the mailingaddressID) and another calc field for, say, the *date* or the *content* of the mailing. This way, when you look at a mailingaddress record, you could have the portal show not just the IDs for mailings sent, but also the date or content field. When you look at a record for a specific bulk mailing (if you also make FM5/6 work the relationship in that direction) you can have a portal display not only the mailingadressIDs, but also something more identifiable like last name.

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This topic is 7102 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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