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FM Server 5.5 slow on OS X

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Hi there experts,

I had a FM Server network with

a G4 server (1.2g RAM) - FM Server - OS 9 and

Around 15 FM clients running FMP 5.5 - OS 9 & OS X

This was working fine for a couple of years. Only I need to put the FM Server app in foreground in the G4 server.

Today I have upgraded the G4 to OS X latest version and re-installed FM Server 5.5 v4. Now when I start the FM application it runs normal for the first 2 or 3 clients. When I start the 4th client, all the clients go terribly slow. It is really annoying. I need to find a solution for this.

Also sometimes when I do an action in any FM Client it almost hangs and a double headed arrow blinking for atleast a minute or more and then the process is continued. This is also very annoying.

The FM Server 5.5 config are as follows:

Guests: 25

Files: 50

Memory Cache: 40MB

Personal file sharing was turned off. Also ftp was turned off.

Please help me give some idea to fix my issue.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,


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The double-headed arrow is the "connecting" signal in FMP - I recommend you check your network settings on your OSX FMS box. Also, OSX is very processor & memory intensive. You should have at least a 733 MHz processor, and at least 512MB of RAM to ensure that FMS doesn't encounter a bottleneck within the virtual memory system which is always active in OSX.

Another thing which comes to mind is to make sure you're running FMS native in OSX, and not in "Classic mode," which is a dreadful slowdown.

Make sure AppleTalk is off.


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This topic is 7101 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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