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web companion enable freeze on mac 10.3

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I am very new to filemaker and I have just started working for a client who already has a database built in FMP 6. we are trying to share this database using the web companion plugin.

When I first tried to enable the plugin, the app freezes. Somehow I figured out that If I try and enable the plugin when I have a database open, it works. However now, when I restart FMP, the app freezes at the startup window. The only way I fixed this was by enabling a Network Location with an IP of and appletalk enabled.

This has happened on two computers and seems very weird. I searched the forums and found nothing related, although it seems like this sort of thing would have come up with someone else.

I'm using a g4 with 10.3.7 and FMP v 6.04. My normal Network Location for the internet connects using PPPoE with appletalk disabled. this is DSL connection.

any ideas as to why this does this would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi, r! It may have happened to you twice, but I wouldn't think it's a universal problem. If you do some hunting... here are a few things you can try/check...

* reboot and throw away FM prefs in (yourhomdirectory)/Library/Preferences/FileMaker Preferences

* reboot and throw away related or possibly corrupted prefs

* check permissions (could be a hassle if you are not familiar w/UGO settings)

* create or log in as a new user and see if you get the same problem

* delete FM and prefs and reinstall

You mention PPPoE DSL (which tends to use DHCP) but you also mention changing your IP. When you enable Web Companion for the first time, it mentions some kind of one-time change it has to make to settings. You may want to make sure your Web Sharing is off or Apache may conflict on port 80, the default "web port" for web servers.

If you have both machines locally on some kind of network, you might want to use Applications > Utilities > Network Utility to ping/traceroute for IP conflicts or network problems.

Good luck!


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This topic is 6619 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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