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Filemaker 6 random problems

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I'm running Filemaker 6 - with 5 users. I have four databases that all talk to each other:





Everything has been running really well using up to 3 licenses but now, using 5 licenses, random things keep going wrong...for example, for no reason at all a script might stop working. If you change to layout mode and back to browse mode it will magically work again. It's also incredibly slow to load up and very slow to swap between the databases using on-screen buttons...sometimes running these external scripts even crashes the program altogether.

The real problem I'm having is that some of my portals aren't updating to display new information. I've checked all the relationships and they seem to be correct.

Any thoughts? Do you think upgrading to 7 or 8 will solve these annoying problems? I have a festival in four weeks and this is causeing me enormous amounts of grief and the timing couldn't be worse.



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1. open all the files on one machine, and make it the "host"

2. then, make sure the other 4 machines click "Hosts", to open the databases

3. if it's still slow, try a different machine as the "host"

4. It should work, without upgrading

5. keep in mind, you could have a corrupt file. Try running an older backup set

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Thanks, all four databases open with the startup script (which is probably part of the reason the loading time is so slow) so we only ever use one machine to host. I don't think this is the problem.

Perhaps the file is corrupt. It crashed a few months ago and I lost all my scripts and had to import from an earlier back-up. Would it be worth running a recover on it again? Will this pick up any problems with the files?

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You'll probably need to go back to a copy before that last crash

Unfortunately, "Recover" was not designed to "fix" anything, only to remove "bad" parts, like all your scripts perhaps

for more info, read my post here http://masdevelopment.com:3455/1/57?view=print

(note: unfortunately, that post may be down for maintenance this week)

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This topic is 6669 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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