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Diacritical Marks in Version 5.5

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I need to know if FileMaker 5.5 for Windows is capable of correctly displaying and printing words that contain certain diacritical marks, such these in the Polish language: ą ę k ó ł ć ś ź ń ż. I am sharing data with someone running the 7.0 Mac version of FileMaker, and I can’t seem to be able to correctly type/display these letters into my FileMaker database. Is what I am attempting possible? If so, how might this be achieved?

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I believe it can (I am not on Windows, so I cannot be sure), but very likely the stored data will NOT map to the same characters on Windows as they do on Mac, and vice versa.

IOW, if you type "ó" on Windows, then open the file on a Mac, you will see another character displayed instead. This can be handled by an opening script that transliterates the text according to the current platform.

The above applies to exchanging a .fp5 file between platforms, without conversion. Starting with version 7, Filemaker uses Unicode, and that's another ballgame altogether.

You cannot really "share data" with someone running version 7 anyway - the files are incompatible. You can exchange data by exporting and importing, but then you will probably need to transliterate the data in the same manner.

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This topic is 6067 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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