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Reports with grand summaries

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Ok, first, thank god for this forum. You guys are wonderful with the answers!

Let's see if I can be clear. I have a ticketing system. When things break people are assigned to go fix them. It seems like I should be able to make a report that counts how many records each person has. Then the harder part is also tacking onto that an average completion time. (I do have fields on each record with time the person took the ticket to the time they finish)

I can't even get the first bit to work, the grand summary. I must be setting up the fields wrong.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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You should be using sub-summaries instead of grand-summaries...

You will need two summary fields. One is a summary which is a count of each person (SUM). And a second summary which is an average on the time spent (AVE) (note time must be a number).

Make a list layout with each persons name, the SUM field, and the AVE field. But instead of a body part, you make a sub-summary part (sorted bu person (print above)).

To view the final results, find all records, goto your layout with the sub-summary, sort by person, and enter the preview mode.

This should do it for you...

Good luck...


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Thank you but my real problem at this point even before the layout (which works btw, again thanks) is how to get the average field to give me an accurate average.

Basically I have a Time Taken field and a Time Completed, Date Taken and Date Completed. I then created a field that I wanted to have the actual amount of time that passed between taken and completed. (My simple equation did not work.) Then I was going to average that field.

So now my problem is calculating the time spent.


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This topic is 8573 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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