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Send Mail script problem

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Well, I know what the problem is, and the general idea of how to fix it, but not the specifics.

Basically, carriage returns won't show up properly in a URL unless they are encoded. If you've worked with URLs much with web development, you might know that sometimes you have to insert the characters "%20" when you want a space in the URL. I know you need to do something similar with carriage returns, but don't know what the code is. I did some checking on the web but couldn't find the answer.

Find out what the code is for a cariage return, and then use the Substitute function to replace the carriage returns in your field with the URL code. Then set the new calculated field to be the field referenced in the Open URL script step.

I would use a second field so that one is more easily readable by the user and another can be used by the script step.

Also, if you subscribe to FileMaker Pro Advisor, I believe that the issue with the cover story on XML had the information as to what the code is in the tips section in the back of the magazine, but I couldn't find that either. frown.gif

If you do find out the code, post it here, I would like to keep that information handy.


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I don't think the problem is with the transfering of the copy over the Internet -- carriage returns have been used in e-mail for over 30 years without any problems.

I think it's the way you are trying to insert the carriage return in your calculation field. You need to use the

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I tried Chuck's suggestion posted December 02, 2000 11:13 PM to the "Send Mail Script" question and it worked like a charm but.... I have a problem with the copy in the body of the e-mail. I have tried to add a return symbol in my calculation which shows up in my calculation field but it does not carry over to my body copy in the e-mail application and some of the body copy I am trying to "move" is a bit lengthy and gets cut off. Is there a way to carry to formatting into the e-mail and how do I get around the size limitation?

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This topic is 8570 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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