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Exporting data from one database to another

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Could anyone help me....I am trying export the current record being browsed to another database hosted on the server.

I belive that it can be done by writing a script. Let me explain more....I have a database with names and addreses and I would the option (button) to automatically move this record to another database into the matching fields?

Thank you,


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The trick is to do it from the bdatabase you are importing into.

In db-A, find all the records you want to move across. Switch to db-B. In db-B, runa script that imports from db-a, only the found records will be worked on. Switch back to db-A and do whatever to the records that were just inported: delete them, or mark them as imported or whatever.

Now here comes the bad news. This importing trick only works in a single-user environment bewcause the script has to run on the machine hosting the databases.

The way I have worked around this problem is to mark the records to be imported in dbA then leave them. Once a day (or whenever) I close the databases and restart them (back them up at the same time) and set the import scrip to run at db-B's startup so it automatically runs on the server! The script has an IF (using the Status[CurrentMultiUserStatus] function) conditional so it only runs on the server.

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This topic is 8570 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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