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CDML help

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Hopefully I understood your request

You want a Table of all your records?

How about using the FMPro tag to call a script inside FM.

Get the script to Export all your records as an HTML table and then get you link to point to this file.

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Forget exporting. Use the FileMaker Table function in Home Page 3.

First step, backup all your current we format files and databases. You're going to make major changes to them.

Open the format file that displays the records... prolly somthing like "search_results.htm" but it might be different depending on your setup. You'll notice that (in HomePage 3) there is a red box labeled "FMP Record". this is the CDML equivilent of the BODY part of a layout -- anything here gets repeated for each record found. Note what's inside the box.

Just under the FMP Record box insert an html table. Give it as many columns as you needs, but only leave one row for the records. Open the object editor for the table and click on ther FileMaker tab, and enter the row number for the row you left for the records. This rtow will be repeated for each record in the found set. The nominated row will now have a red border.

Copy all of the field CDML tags from the FMP-Record box into the table's colums -- into the red row of the table. Save the file, the browse it (don;t forget you'll need to process it with Web Conmpanion for it to work correctly).

You should now see in your browser the old rows and under them the same eecords appearing in a table. Go back to the format file and delete the FMP Record box and tweak the table till you like it.

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Hi, i have set up a few pages with the help of homepage 3.0, but i cant figure out how to have a link to a page that will list all the records in a table form. i have tried with the list all button but that form tag gets in the way of other form tags.. so i need to know if there is a way i can link to a page and list all the records with out using the form tag.

does anyone have any ideas about a script that i can write?



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This topic is 8569 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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