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Cannot Open converted file from fp3

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I converted a .fp3 file, from filemaker pro 5. it converted successfully but when I open the file it give me the message

"This file cannot be opened because it has one or more fields based on languages not supported by this version of FileMaker Pro"

Please Help!!



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Sorry to say I don't know a remedy for your problem, but I do know this problem.

I use english and japanese versions of FM, and when I make a file in the japanese version, the fields get made in the japanese language. Then I can't open the file in the english version. When I made a file in the foreign version, but with all fields set to english, the file opened OK in english FM.

I guess that if you know which language the person used who originally made the .fm3 file you are trying to use, you could open it in that language version of FM. Would this problem only exist with roman script languages versus chinese (other) script languages?

Just in case, if you need it opened in japanese FM, you could send me the file....

Hope this helps,

Frank Roerink

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(Sorry for my english, i'm from Brazil)

It's a very old post, but maybe someone still need help on this...

I had the same problem and find out that:

If I clone a japanese file, the clone, can be opened with an english version of FM. But you must open the clone in the FM(eng) just after you create it, to FM(eng) memorize the main language of this file.

So... I make a clone with FM(jp), open it with the english version once, then close it. Now you have an empty english version of the file.

All you have to do now is, open the FM(jp) and import the records from the original japanese file, to the english cloned version... and you have an english version of your file!!! It's very simple.

I'm using FMP6(jp) and FMP5.5(eng).

Hope someone find it usefull.

Ichiro Matsuda

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This topic is 7645 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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