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I don't know what I'm doing wrong and I've tried following the manual but that was

hopeless. With sentences like -"The master file for one relationship can be a related file for another, and a related file of one relationship can be a master file for another." I don't know how anyone can get any useful info from the manual? Here's what I did: I created two separate files (TEST 1 and TEST2), each file contained a Field Labeled TEXT and the field type therefore was text.

Then I created another FIELD, in both files, labeled NUMBER and this field type was numerical. Now both of the files had different names (TEST 1 & TEST 2)and both live in the same folder on my harddrive. Now when I have my "Master"(TEST 1) file open and I enter a value in either fields (TEXT or NUMBER) I would expect when I open up the "Related" file (TEST 2) that the corresponding related fields would have the same values? Obviously they don't, so what am I doing wrong. I've established the Relationship in both Files, I Created relationships going from TEST 1 to TEST 2 and vice versa. I even closed both files and opened them separately and tried all combinations of files closed and opened during / before or after changing the values of the fields but in no case would the "Related" file's fields update. Is there some sort of trick or proceedure I'm missing?

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This topic is 8544 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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