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Page Breaks in reports

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I have a report layout set up that I am having difficulty controlling the page breaks with. I have 3 individual parts that I want grouped together and not break between page breaks. I have a subsummary at the beginning, a body, and another subsummary. Basically it is a heading, some data, then a total. Is there a utility to treat the 3 parts as one and not allow a page break between the 3 parts?

Hope this is clear.



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I`m not absolutely certain what your problem is but maybe this will help.

1) In view make sure you have page margins showing and graphic ruler turned on.

2) In the file menu selct Printer Setup and then set the printer for the paper size and lanscape or portrait.

3) if you are going to be using the application with other printers then you need to set fixed page margins in the layout setup. I use 1.5cm top; 2.5cm bottom; and 1.5cm for left and right in portrait. This seems to accomodate most printers.

4) Pull the `body` down until it shows a page break. Note the position of the page break on the ruler at the side - say 28cm.

5) Now pull the body back up until the end of the page under the summary is less than where the page break is (28cm).

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This sounds like the same problem I've been wrestling with. In your report the two sub-summary parts and the body recur several times on each page. Right? But you want to be sure the three parts remain grouped together. As far as I know there is no way to do that, which makes the whole report function of questionable use.

I've resorted to a clumsy work-around which my client was kind enough to accept. A script cycles through a selection of almost identical layouts that differ only in the length of the title and normal footers (that effectively lengthens or shortens the first and then the next page). The user examines the first page and accepts or rejects the layouts (I've got a choice of three) then moves on to the second and goes through the process once more (again with three variants). The script notes the chosen layout number and prints using it. It's a pain in the neck, but my client tells me they always manage to find an acceptable solution - ie one where the page breaks at a sensible place.

Of course if the report is more than 3 pages long this won't be all that helpful.

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This topic is 8519 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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