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Can't Delete Records

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Strangest thing:

I cannot delete records in my Web-enabled, FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited databases--UNLESS I use the Web companion to do so.

I have several databases set without passwords so that users may freely access them through the Web server. If I pull up a database in FMP, select a record by clicking on it, and then click on the Delete Record button, nothing happens. I get NO "Permanently delete this ENTIRE record?" prompt--as one normally would. Nothing.

If I access the same database using Instant Web Publishing, however, it WILL let me delete records.

Also, if I copy this database file onto a different computer, then I CAN delete records.

Any idea what's up?



P.S. I'm using FMP 5 Unlimited on Windows NT 4.

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I'm having a near-identical problem in a new file using FMP 4.01. I can select Edit/Delete Record, but nothing happens. This is the only one of many databases in the same location on the same machine that has this problem, and I can't figure it out.

I'd love to hear the answer to jbutler's question, too. crazy.gif

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First, be sure you are using the very latest vrev for the version of FIleMaker Pro you are using:




Second, the file could be corrupt. Move the file to another machine and see what happens. If the file is on the server, take it off and try it as a single user file.

Third, check that your password actually allows the deletion of records. OTOH, this could be a password corruption issue. Version 4.0v1 and 5.0v1 had some issues there.


Old Advance Man

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This topic is 8137 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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