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email filemaker info from Outlook/Entourage

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A few weeks ago I asked the forum how to email from Outlook/Entourage and received helpful information and as far as I knew all was working like a dream! - Until this wonderful option was revealed to different departments within my company....

The original email senders are all working on macs and the new users are on PC's.... I have a problem... the pc's are reading something different and my body copy is not transfering over. Now, after much investigation, I have narrowed down the problem... On the PC when there is a "subject" line, all the copy including the copy designated for the body, ends up in the subject line. Please see the example of my calculation below -

"mailto:" & "?Subject=" & "Quote" & " " &Quote Number & " " & Company & "?body=" & Contact & " " & Project Title & " " & DateToText(Date Quoted)&"%0d" & Scanning Info & "%0d" & Proofing Info &"%0d" & Film Info &"%0d" & Remarks &"%0d" & "%0d" &"Total" & " " & "$" & Quote Total

When using the above calculation on a pc the subject line ends up with not only the subject information but also "?body="... is there some other code that might work...?

I don't mean to so confusing, I just wanted to provide enough information...

thanks you all are the greatest!

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Alright.... I figured it out... (actually I got one of my PC IT guys involved) and the code for the body copy (or second argument) should start with "&" not "?"... so if subject (first argument) starts with "?" the second argument (body) should start with "&".

FYI... thanks

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This topic is 8502 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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