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Is it fmp, the computer or someone tampering?

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Does the database have password protection?

Has the machine's hard disk been checked for errors?

Is FMP updated to the latest patch level?

Des the OS have the latest updates installed?

Do you have a backup?

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Has anyone experienced these problems?

One day my 3 related files were working fine.

The next day fields had been switched (ie., firstname was now lastname and lastname was now firstname) in layout mode.

Portal relationships were changed.

Relationships were changed (ie., lastname = lastname was lastname = firstname)

I found all the problems yet, because things still aren't working right.

I don't know if filemaker 5.0 glitched.

I don't know if the computer (Celeron 450, 128mb ram, 10gb harddrive) glitched.

I don't know if someone messed with the files.

The files are on a computer which is on a network (17 computers total) along with @10 other networked files interelated files. These three files are only used by myself (the programer) and one other person for input. One file can be referenced by others, but they do not access to make changes, additions, etc.

I am stumped as to what happened.

Does anyone have a clue?

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Yes the databases have passwording, but not complete protection as there are a few who make layout changes, when I am unavailable (a NPO).

No I have not checked for hd errors.

No I have not checked for the latest FMP5 patches.

I am unsure if the OS (Win98)latest updates are installed.

Yes there was backups (programmed to close daily and self-backup to another computer)however, unsure, how long some of the problems were there. Discovered some Monday, then more on Tuesday.

I have corrected the problems that existed (to my knowledge). It is a set of files that are still in development progress.

I will check the things you afore mentioned.

I hadn't gotten that far yet, just wondering if there was any ideas out there as to where to start tracking the problems.

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This topic is 8507 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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