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Beginner? help with merging files while adding certain fields

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I am a beginner-level filemaker user and I am attempting to setup a database system to monitor website statistics. I have cleaned up and imported the information into fm, and what I am left with is a number of repeating fields within the stats due to people logging in to www. and directly to the address. I have stripped the www's, so that I have duplicate records. What I want to do with this is take all of the records that match, add the numbers in the hits field, and delete the duplicates. Can anyone help me with a script step to do this?

Thanks all,


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Have a look at the script to fidn duplicates on page 10-13 of the User guide. Once you have found a duplicate set a global field to the value you want to add to the other record, go to the next record, add the global field to the field in that record, go back to the previousl record and then delete that record. It should look something like this:

Record/Page/Request [First]


If Mark = "x"

Set Field [gNumber, Yourfield]

Go To Record/Page/Request [Next]

Set Field [Yourfield, gNumber + Yourfield]

Go To Record/Page/Request [Previous]

Delete Record

End If

Go To Record/Page/Request [Exit After Last,Next]

End Loop

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This topic is 8498 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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