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Help, a beginner please!!!!

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Patience please ladies and gents.

1. When I import a jpeg image into a container field (as a reference only) there appears to be a limit on the image size apr 2megs; much larger and jpeg error #53 is returned. Is this correct? If so how do you reference and therefore display larger images?

2. Anybody fancy giving me a laymans/idiots guide as to how I would open the images, as per 1 above, in photoshop or similiar. I am using macs. When I say idiots guide I really do mean idiot.

Thanks in advance for your help



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1. I have tried this on a PC and get exactly the same error message so it is clearly a Filemaker limitation that occurs on both FM4 and FM5. I did however discover that the file size limit appears to be related to the uncompressed file size and not the size of the jpeg file. The maximum uncompressed size is about 16Mb. You could therefore reduce the size of the uncompressed picture and then use less or no compression when you save it as a jpeg. That way you shouldn't affect the overall picture quality significantly.

An alternative is to Insert the picture as an object and choose to display as an icon. You could make icons from each of the pictures so you would know what they look like and then double click on the icon to open the picture for editing.

2. One way of opening the picture for editing is to turn the container field into a button that runs a script using the script step Send Message. Clicking on the field would then run the script and open your image editor. You would need to store the name of each picture in a text field in the record.

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This topic is 8485 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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