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a Perform Find with >=// over a peer-to-peer doesn't grab date stamp when on guest

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I have reciently installed a peer to peer network on two Windows 2000 systems. Now I am sharing my solution on this little network. I have gone through all the steps to share my files correctly (open file, hosts, etc...). Every thing is going great... accept when I proform a script (by hiting a button) that takes me to my Job Schedule which shows me all my jobs for today and the future. The script step is simply a Perform Find. Before writing this script I did the find that I wanted done in this script, which was >=// in the Job Date field. This has been working perfectly for about 7 years now. It still works perfectly on the host machien. The problem is that whenever a script is used on the guest machien that uses >=// it brings up all the records that have dates in the Job Date field instead of just the Jobs for today and the future. I have tried a couple of things that have not worked: I tried to do a manual find on the guest machien (I went into find mode, put >=// in the Job Date field and hit find)This still did not work - it brought up all my records. I tried to add a Set Field step in the script which would set the Job Date field with a Todays Date field - this did not work.

If I host the files on my Guest Machien it seams to work fine.

Please ask me any clarifing questions.



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This topic is 8484 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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