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some users hang accessing shared databases

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We have Filemaker Pro Server v3.0v4 running on a PowerMac with lots of RAM. Both Windows and Mac users access the database with the v4.0 client (patched to the latest versions) over ethernet.

Now, some of my Windows users occasionally can't access the shared databases. There's no reason to it- Mac users have no difficulty at all. Other Windows users- no problems. But when certain Win98 users try to open FM4 and access certain files (via File->Open->Hosts), they get the hourglass cursor, and wait- often for over 10 minutes. I should add that the database appears immediately in the "Hosts" screen, the delay is when the file is actually being opened. Sometimes the database will finally come up, sometimes you have to give the 3-fingered salute. (whereupon Win98 reports that the Filemaker program was "not responding"). Copying a fresh copy of the "Claris Folder" from another windows machine, thus replacing the current Filemaker installation, does no good at all. I can't see why Filemaker would stop responding on these machines.

Any clues?



Nathan Zamprogno

Baliset Solutions

[email protected]

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This topic is 8461 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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