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Dana G

Individual Pieces of Calc work until Combined in Script for Script Trigger

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Purpose:  To capture the contents of a field before it is changed.  Compare the before to the after.  Highlight the after and screen capture then export.


I can't get past the first sentence and it's getting frustrating because it seems extremely simple.


1 Field:  OnDeck_t (text)  -  The OnDeck_t field data = On

2 Field:  OnDeck_before (Where I want to capture the OnDeck_t before it's changed)


I have an OnObjectEnter script trigger on the OnDeck_t field that runs this script:

Set Field By Name [substitute (Get (ActiveFieldName); "_t"; "_Before"); Get (ActiveFieldContents)]


If I do this it works fine.  (But I don't want it hard coded.  I will be using it for all the fields on the layout):

Set Field [OnDeck_before; Get (ActiveFieldContents)]



I have divided the Substitute (Get (ActiveFieldName); "_t"; "_Before") and Get (ActiveFieldContents) into separate lines in Data Viewer and both return expected results.  Why doesn't it work when it's part of a 'Set Field by Name' script step?



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You should have your trigger create a variable, perhaps $before, that consists of the text before anything is typed.

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OK I created a script called "Before".


It has one step:

Set Variable [$before; Value: Get(ActiveFieldContents)]


There is an OnObjectEnter script trigger on the OnDeck_t field (On; Off Radio buttons) with the "Before" script set.


From what I understand, the "Before" script should run after I click into the OnDeck_t field, making it active.  The script should set the $before variable to 'On' which is it's current contents.


It doesn't work.  The variable is blank.


Any ideas?

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$vars (local variables) only exist for the duration of the script and are lost once the script terminates - hence yours is blank


You need to use a $$var (global variable) - these remain in place until the file is closed.

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