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I'm having a problem with sharing a database, i just cannot solve.


the technical department of the company uses a filemaker database to keep track of the materials in stock.

For ease of use, they want to share the database so colleagues can access and change the database items from other computers.


I followed the procedure on the filemaker pro website to share the database using the client, not a filemaker server.


At first this looks ok, the database is accessible from other computers, and the fields can be updated.

However, when another user logs in on another computer, the share settings change on the Host.

more specifically, the "network access to file" changes from "all users" to "no users".


Anyone have any idea how this can happen?








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how many licences of filemaker pro have you got? 

1 licence in use on multiple machines? hence the lockout... [sounds like one licence got baked into a machine build]


Or 1 licence per machine? therefore a site licence for n machines...

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However, when another user logs in on another computer, the share settings change on the Host.



How do they log in.  Are they using "open remote" to locate the host and open the file, or is the file accessible through a network share and they just use "Open" instead of "Open Remote"?

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They use the open remote.


I played around with what if an admin opens it first, and then a 'normal' user...

This did not make any difference.


The first time a user (admin or not) opens the database, everything looks Ok.

A second user cannot do this.

not from a different or the same computer.

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The General Topics are for the discussion of the tools, functions, and features that were introduced with that release of FileMaker Pro, and not for asking How-To questions.


We have several topics that are related to your question, let me know if this one doesnt fit.



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This topic is 2133 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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