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I've got a script which creates a new record in a layout, creates a record in a linked table and then copies text (same text for every record) into some text boxes (so the text can be highlight (bold/italics) during a lesson observation.


So I have a few questions


1    When it creates the new record it always comes up with a Filemaker message to save the record in the linked table. is there a way I can stop this from popping up as it will get annoying to teachers if they are asked to save something before they have even entered it.


2   The Set field trigger isn't giving me the option to tell it what I want to set the field value to. Has anyone seen this before?


3   I've attached a screen shot of the script. Is this the only way to write scripts or is there a script screen that allows you to write then as you would with perhaps VBa etc?


I'm currently using a trial version until I get my license come through so I don't know if my questions / issue relate to this.

Thanks in Advance





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This is one of the key ideas behind a relational database in the FileMaker world


Assuming you have a relationship from the EvaluationForm to the Observations, linked by the key fields, if you have allow creation of records ON on the Observations side, every time you create a new EvaluationForm record you can set any field in the related table - in fact you can set the field to NOTHING and and it will create the record and populate the foreign key field for you. No need for the complicated grabbing the key, going there, setting it and then come back routine...

This is the core idea behind transactional processing where you create the parent record by setting the child value in a portal... but thats another lesson....



See simple example file


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This topic is 2941 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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