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FTPeek Support for File Upload Time Out Issue

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Hi, I'm having a new FTPeek error using FileMaker 13 that I did not have when we were using FMP 11 last week. Some random pdf and xlsx file uploads are returning an error even though they appear to upload correctly. I then get a Time Out Error in response. This is not happening for jpg files. All I can figure is it might be a larger file issue? Regardless, is there a known reason for this or a recommended troubleshooting process? We've upgrade to OSX 10.10 and FileMaker Pro 13 in the past week, running off FileMaker Server 13. The FileMaker Server 13 machine is running on OSX 10.8.5, should I upgrade that to mavericks or Yosemite?


The fact that each failed upload stops for a significant length of time during the "Uploading" dialog box at either the 99% or 100% status indicator point makes this batch process take much longer now that we've upgraded. See attached thumbnail screen shot.


As a side note, we have a blazingly fast internet connection, so transferring large files should not be an issue, but that seems to be the only thing I can figure. Many of the PDF and XSLX files transfer fine, it doesn't appear to be consistent. Again, none of the JPG files seem to have any problems, but they are much smaller.


Thanks in advance.



**** addendum ****


I've confirmed that I can upload the files from the hard drive using FileZilla. Might there be some conversion process happening in the way I'm inserting the PDF and XLSX files into the container field of FileMaker 13 that is changing the attributes of the file to upload?


I've now confirmed (11/20/14 3PM) UploadFile and UploadFileFromContainer are acting in the same way and are not properly uploading all large files using FileMaker 13 and Yosemite.



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Charlie, we corresponded through our support system. The last thing we talked about was that you were calling the connect function multiple times without disconnecting. Did resolving that solve your issue? I've seen this sort of error a couple of times and wanted to know if being sure to call FTPeek_Disconnect before connecting again was the trick. Thanks!

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I had a similar issue which is now sorted.

However now i am facing EXACTLY the issue described in this thread : jpg upload work a snap but pdf and png get stuck and end up in "Read Timed Out" error.

I have checked that my script does disconnect adequately when it ends - even if this error occurs. However still no luck...

Any idea any one ?




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This topic is 3010 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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