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FMS 13 Admin console unable to get status of WPE / CWP

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This past Monday I pulled up the Admin console for one of our new FileMaker 13 servers and noticed that the status indicator next to “Web Server” was greyed out and it was reporting that XML was disabled.  It also reported that the Web Publishing Engine was not running and FileMaker WebDirect was disabled.


When I checked all of these services, they were running just fine.  I was able to connect to WebDirect and our CWP pages were working.  I've tried restarting both servers, but nothing changed.  I can also change all of these settings in the Admin console (e.g. disable XML, stop the WPE) and they keep working.


I’ve tried running the Deployment Assistant on the master machine but it gets stuck at the part where I’m supposed to specify the IP of the Web Server.  I put in the IP address, but the master machine says that the IP address is “not found”.  I can ping the worker from the master machine, I can run PortQry (http://support.microsoft.com/KB/310099 ) and it reports that the master machine can contact the worker on ports 16000, 16001, 80, and 443.


This was all showing fine in the Admin console on Sunday (or at least I don't remember seeing any issues).


This is a two machine config running Windows 2008 R2 with FileMaker server


Here is a screenshot of what I see:




You might notice how it says the WPE is off and XML is disabled but that there is 1 CWP connection (you can ignore that PHP is disabled, that is actually true...)

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The admin console is governed by the admin server part.  That one can sometimes get out of whack and report false information.  You can restart it from the command line without interrupting the database server or going nuclear by running the deployment wizard again:

fmsadmin restart adminserver
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The next step would be to see what the FMS event log has to say.  Does it report that the Web Publishing Engine has crashed/stopped?


I do not see any log messages that indicate the Web Publishing Engine has crashed/stopped.


From the last time I restarted the Master machine:


2014-12-10 07:38:13.110 -0600 Information 488                      Stopping FileMaker Server...
2014-12-10 07:38:13.110 -0600 Information 410                      Stopping FileMaker Database Engine...
2014-12-10 07:38:16.573 -0600 Information 412                      FileMaker Database Engine stopped.
2014-12-10 07:38:16.573 -0600 Information 490                      FileMaker Server stopped.
2014-12-10 07:38:23.219 -0600 Information 745                      Stopping FileMaker Server processes...
2014-12-10 07:38:23.235 -0600 Information 704                      Stopping FileMaker Script Engine process...
2014-12-10 07:38:23.235 -0600 Information 952                      FileMaker Script Engine process stopped.
2014-12-10 07:38:23.235 -0600 Information 704                      Stopping Progressive Backup process...
2014-12-10 07:38:29.350 -0600 Information 952                      Progressive Backup process stopped.
2014-12-10 07:38:29.584 -0600 Information 704                      Stopping Admin Server process...
2014-12-10 07:38:35.169 -0600 Information 952                      Admin Server process stopped.
2014-12-10 07:38:35.169 -0600 Information 704                      Stopping HTTP Server process...
2014-12-10 07:38:35.231 -0600 Information 952                      HTTP Server process stopped.
2014-12-10 07:38:35.231 -0600 Information 746                      FileMaker Server processes stopped.
2014-12-10 07:41:52.691 -0600 Information 743                      Starting FileMaker Server processes...
2014-12-10 07:41:52.691 -0600 Information 703                      Starting HTTP Server process...
2014-12-10 07:41:52.722 -0600 Information 703                      Starting Progressive Backup process...
2014-12-10 07:41:52.753 -0600 Information 703                      Starting Database Server process...
2014-12-10 07:41:52.784 -0600 Information 703                      Starting Admin Server process...
2014-12-10 07:41:53.814 -0600 Information 703                      Starting FileMaker Script Engine process...
2014-12-10 07:41:53.814 -0600 Information 162                      Starting FileMaker Server 13.0v5 x64 (11-06-2014)...
2014-12-10 07:41:53.830 -0600 Information 763                      Running on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise x64 (6.1.7601, Service Pack 1), with 24 logical processor core(s)
And the worker:
2014-12-10 07:36:07.548 -0600 Information 704         Stopping FileMaker Script Engine process...
2014-12-10 07:36:07.548 -0600 Information 952         FileMaker Script Engine process stopped.
2014-12-10 07:36:07.673 -0600 Information 704         Stopping Java Web Publishing Engine process...
2014-12-10 07:36:13.336 -0600 Information 952         Java Web Publishing Engine process stopped.
2014-12-10 07:36:13.336 -0600 Information 704         Stopping Web Publishing Engine process...
2014-12-10 07:36:17.392 -0600 Information 952         Web Publishing Engine process stopped.
2014-12-10 07:36:17.485 -0600 Information 704         Stopping Admin Server process...
2014-12-10 07:36:19.638 -0600 Information 952         Admin Server process stopped.
2014-12-10 07:36:19.638 -0600 Information 704         Stopping HTTP Server process...
2014-12-10 07:36:19.685 -0600 Information 952         HTTP Server process stopped.
2014-12-10 07:36:19.685 -0600 Information 746         FileMaker Server processes stopped.
2014-12-10 07:36:24.100 -0600 Information 743         Starting FileMaker Server processes...
2014-12-10 07:36:24.100 -0600 Information 703         Starting HTTP Server process...
2014-12-10 07:36:24.147 -0600 Information 703         Starting Admin Server process...
2014-12-10 07:36:26.315 -0600 Information 703         Starting Web Publishing Engine process...
2014-12-10 07:36:26.378 -0600 Information 703         Starting Java Web Publishing Engine process...
2014-12-10 07:36:27.579 -0600 Information 744         FileMaker Server processes started.
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Did you manage to resolve this issue?


I have a similar problem with FMS 13 on win Svr 2012 std.


Mine is a fresh install, but again, the status page doesn't show the same information as the configuration pages.

WebDirect, PHP & XML are all enabled on the configuration pages, but the Status page says they are disabled and the status page doesn't have a green tick net to Web Server.


My PHP pages are running, but I am getting an error 22 when trying to connect to the sample database provided with the install.


I also have no errors or warnings in any of my logs.


Any progress you made might help me,



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I was not able to resolve the issue without doing  a complete uninstall and reinstall.


If this is a fresh install, did you apply any updates after the initial install?  Is this a two-machine configuration?  If it is a two-machine config, and any of the updates apply to the web publishing engine / web server you want to make sure to apply those updates first, and then update the Master database machine.  If you do it backwards, you will run into some of the symptoms you describe.

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Not exactly the same as an issue I had but similar. Possibly an issue with a software tussle over the control of ports which occurs each time I restart the computer

If you are on mac, you can try this in the terminal:

sudo /Library/Filemaker Server/HTTPServer/bin/httpdctl graceful


sudo /Library/Filemaker Server/HTTPServer/bin/httpdctl start

see http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/91583-cant-connect-to-the-upload-feature/

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I am having the same issue on a new machine that was installed with fms 13v9 (and then patched to 13v10) a fortnight ago and all apperaed well (win server 2012). It underwent a restart in the weekend and the web server and web publishing are showing as greyed out in the admin console but they are in fact running as the websites are all working. I have tried restarting again and also deploying the web publishing. This is a single deployment. This is a highly used prod box with websites being used 24/7 so ideally I do not want to have to go down full re-install path, espeically as it seemed ok when it first went into production. What could be causing the admin console to not be reflecting the status correctly and what else could I try before the full reinstall route?

Many thanks.

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I've had lots of problems with the admin console post 13v5 (Win2k8R2). Apparently that was a known issue with FM support and they are unable to fix. Answers in a previous thread on this forum I created indicated the same.

The past months had seen the admin console deteriorate to a point where it doesn't even log in any more.

However. I recently spoke again to support as I had prepped a new server to move the DB across (considering v14 is now out I opted to upgrade at the same time). Support did put in another effort to get the admin console going again. Considering the admin console relies on java, they suggested I try an reinstall java. The recommended version is "Java 7 update 71". Here's a link to it (from filemaker) https://attache.apple.com/AttacheWeb/dl?id=ATC29123409d3734e799c78f3bb935ca631&ek=ATCoiAKgo%2BFoole%2BXaj44ALcA%3D%3D

Initially that didn't help me much. Until recently I figured out that my AV was part to blame as well. I use Sophos Cloud AV for Servers and the web control part screws the admin console. After disabling it, my admin console is (almost) as good as new. I am now able to compare schedules and settings (which I wasn't able to save) and transition to a new server. 

It may be worthwhile removing java and reinstalling update 71.

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Many thanks for taking the time to respond. Java is version 8 and there is some AV on this server which I will see if sys admin can tone back to see if it makes any difference. I am just not sure why it was ok to start with and then broke after a restart. Still hoping for a way to avoid a re-install so will try fm support again tomorrow.

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