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Switching BackEnd....maintaining current layout ?


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Hello Eeverybody,


I am working with FM 11 Advanced Server on Win 2012 Server. Clients are all FM 11 Advanced from both Mac and win platforms. The database we have defined is working fine but we need to open to the web, so a clone of the initial FM database has been created (essentially same TO, and same fields per table) in MySQL 5.4 to be able to add records through the browser with JQuery/PHP.

we would like to keep working with FM, using it as an INTRANET front-end of the MySQL database (which would receive data from the INTRANET through filemaker and from the Internet through the web).

ESS is working Ok, and we have been able to import shadow tables in filemaker. Now...the original solution is based on many (> 10) layouts, quite complex and with a lot of conditional formatting...here it is the question: since the fields have the same name and TO have the same name, would it be possible to simply "copy and paste" current layouts so to link current fields with the MySQL backend ? I know this was not possible in the past, maybe something happened in the meanwhile ? We are also open to use  aplugin as necessary or upgrade to FM 13 if helpful.


Thank you always,



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You might want to have a look at Clip Manger 4 for Mac or Clip Manager Express for Windows. I think this will let you do what you are looking for. It will allow you to make global edits to every element in your layout without all of the tedious clicking and scrolling that it would take to do this manually.


To give you an idea, this is one of the things that you can do with Clip Manager 4 for Mac (and I assume that it's same on their windows version)...


1.) From Layout Mode in FileMaker you copy everything on the entire layout to your clipboard.


2.) Switch over to the Clip Manager App and select the "Get" option. This will convert everything from your layout into an readable and editable text document.


3.) Now you can simply perform a global find and replace from the text editor that is built-in to Clip Manager or you can copy and paste the layout into your favorite text editor.


4.) After performing your edits you simply tell Clip Manger to "Set" your modified text into a layout and it will magically paste all of your modified elements into your layout which are now linked to the new data source or tables (or whatever edits you have made in the text editor).


Learn more here: http://www.myfmbutler.com/


They have a 30 day demo that is fully functional.


Here is a demo video that shows some of the features:


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This topic is 2902 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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