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migration advice needed for worker machine to xml or php

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We currently have this worker machine running, but I want to get rid of it. The worker runs a FM-script every 5 mins and exports some data, which is then uploaded to an ftp server and then processed by the website.

The script does several xml-exports. It starts by searching for certain products , then it exports the data to and xml file ( xml-result ). After that is does a go-to-related script-step ( matching all records ) to commercial descriptions of the products and then exports this data as an xml file. We go back to the found set of products and then repeat the proces for more related product data. 

As said, all data is exported and the uploaded to an ftp-server.

Preferably I would like to keep the xml-result structure of the data as the website is already familiar with this structure.

How do I go about doing this migration. I was able to perform an xml-query and get my result. The thing is : how do I proceed with these goto-related records finding ? 

Or should I just go with PHP ?


Much thanks in advance !




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This topic is 3120 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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