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Percentage chart Y axis scale


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Hi there

I'm trying to put together a couple of A4 landscape layouts which would show a total of 4 line charts on each, therefore each chart needs to be the same size.

The data being presented in each chart is percentage data which is pre-calculated, so it's easy to plot onto the chart, the problem is with the crazy spacing that FM assigns to the Y-axis.]#

I initially created the chart with min and max values of 0 and 100 respectively, but when I resized the chart, it shows (useless) values on the scale such as 16%, 26%, 42% etc.

Whatever size I choose, I want it to show 0,10,20,30 etc.

Can FM manage this?

Secondly, some data series lines look very flat when viewed on a 0-100 scale, so instead I can narrow the scale to say, 40-60 (which I know is where the majority of the data points for that series lay).  Once again I'm faced with the same problem when the highest value on the chart is like, 58%.

Instead, I'd like it to perhaps go 40,45, 50, 55, 60 or whatever suits.

Can FM manage this?

I'm aware the charting function is limited, but surely you must be able to manually set a scale?



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This topic is 3108 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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