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Steve N

Event 661 Authentication Failed

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Steve N    0

I talked to Steve Blackwell at Devcon and he suggested I post this question here.

When I check my server logs on the admin console the event 661 authentication failed comes up a lot. It appears for all or most users a several times a week. No one had trouble logging on. 

I have posted a screen shot. I believe Steve thought it might be related to auto log on so I posted that screen shot as well (Hope I remembered that correct)

Another odd thing is at the end of each line is "using "User[fmapp]" sometimes reads "Admin[fmapp]", sometimes reads "The Logon name[fmapp]". I don't have a user or extended privilege called "User". What does this represent.


Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 8.27.23 AM.png

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 4.27.46 PM.png

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mr_vodka    70

This error can come up with a user is entering a wrong password / user name combo 

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Wim Decorte    446

To expand on that; FM defaults the account name in the login dialog box to whatever it has in its preferences for the user name.  Which sounds like it is "user" for at least some of your users.  You can clear that out or change it it in the FM Preferences.

Also; you can get the same symptoms is you are using a launcher file or if your main file gets pulled open by another file and there are no matching accounts in the files.

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Steve N    0

Thanks for the help. I am using a launcher file and the launcher file does have a saved name in the login dialog box (I only checked 2 machines so far). Sounds like that is the culprit. I will delete the user name out on all the machines and report back if that solved the issue.

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Wim Decorte    446

If you use a launcher file you can't avoid the issue.  Not unless you want to create every user's account in the launcher file - which is a no-no.  You could consider using the fmp protocol url link instead of a launcher file.


Wiping out the user name that I talked about is in the FM Preferences, not the File Options.


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Steve N    0

Just as a follow up. The launcher file was the issue. I set the launcher files up so long a go I had forget they had their own credentials.Those credentials were conflicting and causing the 661 error. The snap shot link works much better then the launcher file. Thanks for everyones help!!!

Edited by Steve N

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