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I had a client who took extensive notes during phone calls and occasionally they would loose the notes because of an interuption between FMP client and server.  To help with the issue I created a small script to auto-save the notes on a timed interval, while the field is active.  In this example I have the interval set to 12 sec. and to give the user an indication of when the auto-save happens, I have scripted an apple notifcation for Mac (10.9+) users and a title bar change for PC users.  -enjoy


If you see any way of improving please post update sample.

RIVET field auto-save v1a.zip

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Nice sample file. 

I just did something similar for a user with an iPad who would make changes while in the field (WAN connection via cellular network), and would habitually forget to "save" his work before sleeping the iPad.

I found that special consideration had to be taken for fields in portals, container fields and fields with a control style applied (like drop down calendar or pop-up menu). Have you ran into similar issues?

You can see how I worked around those issues here: http://www.skeletonkey.com/ios-save-data/

I especially like your notifications. It wasn't needed in my situation, but is pretty cool none the less. 

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