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Script to send email based on date field

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KassK    0


I have been asked to set up something that will send out email automaticly when the date in the "review date" field is 14 days prior to the current date, can someone help me with a script that would be able to perfom this task? I have also created and email field that will hold the email address.

thank you


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Fitch    148

Something like:

Enter Find Mode
Set Field[ review date ; Get(CurrentDate) - 14 ]
Set Error Capture [ON]
Perform Find
If[ Get(FoundCount) > 0 ]
  Send Mail
End If


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KassK    0

Hi Fitch

Thank you for the response, unfortunaly I can't seem to get this to work I am not great at this!!



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Lee Smith    147

Hi Kassy,

What didn't work? Please explain what it is or not doing.

Why not post a copy of your file so we can see your schema?


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Fitch    148

Yeah Kassy, we're willing to help but we're not mind-readers. Don't give up. Tell us what's happening.

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comment    1,390
On 9/13/2017 at 2:01 PM, KassK said:

send out email automaticly when the date in the "review date" field is 14 days prior to the current date

There is no way you can tell Filemaker to watch a date field and run a script when it passes some threshold. The best that you can do is run a script every day on startup, find the records that have passed the threshold and send the notification/s.

You will also want to mark these records and exclude marked records from the find. That way you won't skip a bunch of records when the script did not run for some reason (e.g. on a holiday) nor send a notification twice if you restart.

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