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Getting Case result from one record into preceding record

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After the weekend races and all the results are imported into FM, I mark (now by hand) the “Key Races”. I’ll find each horse who either won or finished 2nd. As in this screen shot of Cherry Summer you can see he won his last race on Oct 3. (1)


Then I mark the preceding race. (now I’m using a ‘K’, but I intend to change it to a number — different problem). The point is to show which race produced winners. The screenshot shows I have put a 'K' in Cherry Summer's race on may 31 and changed the 4 to a 5.


Then I find matching records for RaceID (31may15tok5) on the record I  just tagged, and count the ‘K’s and enter the number in KRG. So before I updated this there were 4 'K's in the field KR and the field KRG showed 4s.


It would be nice to have FM do this, but marking the previous race is my problem. It's not a terrible task now, but a while back I lost everything and it took me a month to get all the key races data back. I'd like to avoid that.

Any suggestions?


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You can also handle this with a few relationships and calculations.

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to document it for the other forum users in this post. If it is useful, please take a bit of time to document what you decided to use to automate this process. Thanks!

Please see the attached file.

Hope this helps!



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Didn't want to leave this hanging -- I think Don's file is it -- though I haven't gotten it to work yet, I think I will soon enough if I keep at it. 

I've got to work on the fundamentals. So in the future I am going to limit my queries to things that I might actually be able to discuss. It's fine asking for help and getting a solution, but there's a line between "help me do this" and "do it for me". It feels like I have a new car and I am pushing it around town, and people are saying 'why don't you drive it' and I'm answering 'I don't how to drive'.  

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This topic is 3064 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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