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FM13 to view MS Access table

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I'm at a loss, or maybe I overt-thinked this or missed the obvious answer.

I have a Filemaker 13 Database on a Filemaker Server.  I also have some additional data in MS Access.  A user has requested to show some MS access data on to the FM database.  So I created a ODBC connection.  and connected it to my test access db.

Attempt #1: I created a test FM file.  I started with "Import Records"-> "ODBC Data Source".  I selected my Data Source.  It asks for Username / PW.  I get to "SQL Query Builder".  
BUT: when I select the table, the Columns' box does not fill in.  I checked the Access DB and gave "Users" Administrator Access.  but still this box does not fill in.

Attempt #2: Manage-> External Data Sources.  I click "New".  I choose "ODBC".  for DSN I selected my ODBC Source.  For simplicity sake, I left Authentication as "Prompt for username and password"  I clicked "OK. It added to the External Data Sources list.
BUT: when I go to Manage -> Database and tried to add to the relationship, it goes "The ODBC Data Source you have selected is not supported" then I'm stuck

So is this possible, having Filemaker add an Access as a data source?


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Thanks for the info.  after digging through what you listed, it is NOT possible to link Access to FIlemaker in this way (Access as external data source)

Here's a list of accepted data sources:

And Access is not one of them.


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This topic is 2941 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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