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Portal not showing all the data correctly


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Hi All,

I have created a database and am hitting a wall with one of my portals.

A brief structure of my DB is. Customer details (Accounts table) > Their enquiries (Enquiries table) > Send a quote (Quotes table).

I require the portal to show 2 quotes from the account using information gathered in the enquiry. Both the quotes are showing up in the list and table view of quotes, but when I try to show them (including the related data) in the portal the duplicate info shows up. I have uploaded a video here and I have attached a relationship portion and the actual relationship.


Thank you for your help.



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Dropbox is being finicky about playing that movie - a copy of the actual database would probably be more helpful for us to be able to help you at this stage... Zip it first before attaching it....

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As a rule, we don’t like Exhibits to be posted elsewhere.

The reason is, we lose control of the exhibit. The FM Forums is a learning site, and when attachments are posted elsewhere, we lose control of them and they are often taken off line after the OP has found a solution to their problem.  Having the exhibits here helps to keep the Thread intact.

Without the files, it could leave the Thread useless to other seeking answers to a similar problem in the future.


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If I post the Database to this forum, how long is that online for and how do I stand with intellectual property copyrights etc? I am assuming this will make my database available publicly?

If I post the DB to dropbox then at least I still have full control over who sees it.

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That third line is there because you have the relationship set to allow records to be created through the relationship, and some of the related fields are already valid. So the 'ghost' record (which is the next one you might create) shows some info before it actually exists...

If you edit the relationship so that you can't directly create records, then the third line disappears. 

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OK - from the context of GeneralAccounts using a Portal to Quotes that goes through Enquiries, it will only pick up the first Enquiry record for display.

For your purposes right now, I'd create some calc fields in Quotes that reflect the parent Enquiry record.

In the longer term, you should read up on Anchor Buoy, which shows how important the context of a layout is. 

See the modification in this file


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This topic is 2893 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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