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SaveAsPDF corrupted font or layout ?

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We recently migrated from FM14 to FM15 and suddenly some invoices come out strange after the saveAsPdf script step . ( see pic ). When in preview mode everything  seems to be ok and is printed to a printer ok.

Theme : Classic, Font used : Calibri size 11 and 12.

Problem occurs on Mac 10.11 and Win10 with FM15.

When I do a print ( to preview ( mac )) and then save as pdf everything is also ok, so it seems to be related to the FM pdf renderer.

However, not every invoice has this issue, but I wonder how data could cause this behaviour.

Best regards !


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15.0.2? I'd explore the possibility of a corrupted font.

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Like I said, it happens in 15v1 as in 15v2 on Mac and Win.

Printing to pdf with a different tool, eg. Microsoft PDF writer ( win10 ) or Print to Preview and then Export as Pdf works fine.

Current font : Calibri. 

When I change te font to Arial, the problem seems to disappear.

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Solution : this was caused by an 0x0 character pasted into a field by a user

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Hi Joost, 

How can a user paste a 0x0 character in a field, and is that somehow visible in a regular layout, or did you have to find out by using the 'Code ( text )' function?



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Hi Ernst,

this usually is done by copy/pasting data from an email. A reference number for example. It is not directly visible in FM. If you move from character position to character position in the FM field you'll notice that you have to press the arrow key twice.

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