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Web Direct Client via IE, failed to load bootstrap javascript

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Hi everyone,

We have a newly deployed OS X 10.10.5 Server with FMS14 installed with only 3 databases hosted, all accessible via Web Direct.

Now some of our customers are experiencing difficulties with even accessing our solutions, which we have narrowed down to local network problems at our customers.

The problem is, the login window is not showing, and therefore they can't access the databases.

Now, the problem is somehow browser based.. I went through the login process with a customer, which was sitting with Windows 8.1 / IE.. Now when trying to connect to the database the customer gets the following message "Failed to load the bootstrap javascript ./VAADIN/vaardinBootstrap.js"

I then tried to connect to the database through Chrome, which worked perfectly fine!

Is there something I can do for the customer or on our Server, to prevent this message for future customers?

Best regards


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Yes, you can check their version and if not supported, have them update their browsers.

Here are the supported browsers for Web Direct:


I would use Chrome for them anyway.

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This topic is 2812 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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